Women buy Honda

In my online explorations of all things Honda I came across a website called www.vroomgirls.com ‘The Best Car Site for Women’.

An article titled “What Women Want – Female buyers chose these 10 rides over all others in 2011″ caught my eye and I read on. I was more than excited to see that Honda placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th on this list… more than any other manufacturer. Proving once again that women have great taste and make sound decisions based on quality and reliability.

So which vehicles made the cut for the gender with the most purchasing power?

4th placeHonda Accord: “Almost every person on earth has heard of the Accord… year-after-year, for more than two-and-a half decades, the five-seat Accord has been a best seller. It is built to last, and easy to drive. And it offers just the right amount of comfort and features without going overboard.”

3rd placeHonda Civic: “The Civic is, and always has been, a crowd-pleaser of epic proportions. First off, the Civic appears smaller than it actually is. Climb inside and it feels like a whole different animal. The front seat offers as much forward room as some full-size cars, so it’s comfy for long trips. Besides its generous packaging, it’s fun-to-drive, well put-together, and cute.”

Which leaves the top Honda on the list, holding 2nd placeHonda CR-V: “The CR-V drives like a car, and is as affordable as a car, but offers the form and function of a small SUV. It’s this blending of two worlds that gives this kind of vehicle the designation of “crossover,” and the CR-V crosses car and utility better than any other out there.”

So ladies… if you’re wondering what other women are buying and why, here you have it… Honda it is. And Gentlemen, if you’re wondering what she wants… well, we’ve got it!

Stop by AutoPark Honda today and take one of these vehicles out for a test drive… tell us what you think.

2100 AutoPark Boulevard
Cary,  NC  27511



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