Honda @ Super Bowl XLVI

Super Bowl XLVI is quickly approaching… can you feel it? Not only are you watching the best of the best football teams compete, but you’re also watching the best of the best commercials as well!

This year Honda is showcasing the redesigned CR-V and the “leap list”, which is ambitious life goals put forth by twenty and thirtysomething year olds.

The leap lists in the campaign reflect “the life change, the life transition, that Generation Y is going through,” and how the CR-V “can help you accomplish things, get things done,” said Joe Baratelli, executive vice president and executive creative director at RPA.

You’ve probably seen these commercials on TV and online already, but the Super Bowl commercial will be a different ‘leap list’.  And, lucky us, it will be launched via YouTube 10-14 days before its Super Bowl showing, which means any time next week!

Here’s an interesting fact: Honda introduced the CR-V with a commercial in Super Bowl XXXI in 1997.

If you have a leap list and need a vehicle that will help you to check things off of it, then stop by AutoPark Honda today and take a 2012 Honda CR-V out for a test drive.

2100 AutoPark Boulevard
Cary,  NC  27511



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