Winds of March

Here in Cary, North Carolina, March did not roar in like a lion. It came in with clouds and really cold temperatures. That doesn’t seem like a lion’s roar as much as a hyena laughing.

But here at AutoPark Honda of Cary, our first day of March roared in like a lion. The showroom was bursting with people and noise. It was very carnivalistic. (I love blogging because you can create words.) And cars were being sold left and right. It seemed like people thought it was the end of the month, at the end of the year of a model being discontinued and the prices were slashed!

This is what car dealerships like…hustle and bustle, people, noise, energy…and don’t forget the smell of popcorn. We have that popping all day long at AutoPark Honda of Cary!

The winds of March may not have ushered in like a lion weather-wise, but it sure did roar in at AutoPark Honda of Cary. Looks like it will roar out going into April too.


The Hybrid winner is… the 2012 Honda Insight

Kelley Blue Book published their 2012 Total Cost of Ownership Awards list and guess who won the Hybrid Car category: The 2012 Honda Insight!

“An affordable and attractive entry point to the super-efficient gasoline-electric realm, the Honda Insight shares powertrain elements with the Honda Civic Hybrid and receives aerodynamic revisions for 2012 that further enhance its already stellar EPA ratings. The Insight’s lower fair purchase price and subsequent lower depreciation figure helped this five-passenger five-door claim top spot in the Hybrid Car category over its sportier two-seat cousin, the Honda CR- Z.” (Kelley Blue Book’s write up of the 2012 Honda Insight)

The Total Cost of Ownership Awards looks at many factors when choosing a winner. While initial price is always a prime focus when making a new vehicle purchase decision, ultimately the ‘best deal’ also entails factoring in a number of other elements that can have an equally meaningful impact on long-term expenses. To help bring those big picture details into focus, Kelley Blue Book calculated and integrated data from eight different categories to come up with real-world bottom-line figure that allows for direct comparisons to be made over a five-year period.

If you’re interested in becoming a little more green this year stop by Autopark Honda, take an Insight out for a test drive and see what all the fuss is about.

2100 AutoPark Boulevard
Cary,  NC  27511


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