Perfect Gift


So Valentine’s Day is fastly approaching…have you gotten your Sweetie a gift yet? No, no, no. I’m not going to suggest you get your loved one a car. I mean, if you are thinking  about that, then you have been considering a car purchase already. And it’s actually a great idea, but hey…it’s Valentine’s Day and most people want something romantic. But I can tell you, getting a brand new, or new to you, car for a gift on any special occasion is the most fabulous thing ever! And very romantic…think about it…


Cliché or Resolutions?

Happy New Year! Did you make a resolution this year or a cliché? Just curious because Webster’s Dictionary defines resolution as “a formal statement. Determination.”  And we all know that by Valentine’s Day, all promises for a better year made 45 days prior are thrown out the door because of one word. Chocolate. It matters not if you like dark, milk, white, or don’t.

I know I have not been as resolute as I stated when the clock struck 12. But my intentions were all there..yep, I planned to eat nothing but tuna and oatmeal until I dropped the holiday weight. You do notice the use of -ed for past tense? And it isn’t even Valentine’s Day! 8 days (wasn’t that a movie or song?) into 2013, and I’m eating white cheddar cheese popcorn 10:30 at night, watching, “The Adventures of Tin Tin.”  Great graphics by the way.

So! What do we use as our motivating factor when it comes to succeeding at our pre-determined goals for the upcoming year? Here’s a suggestion: get a new car! Everyone feels good in a new car. What happens when we feel better? We act better. We look better. We work harder. We smile more. We make people happy. We make ourselves happy.

Now isn’t that the best resolution of all? To be happy in 2013.